Every good book begins with an idea—an exciting story, some incisive knowledge, a promising vision. I help you take your book from conception to completion. Working with your idea, I help you turn it into a book. I don’t mean a self-published book; I mean a book published by a bona fide book publisher who assumes the cost of production and marketing.

Since every creative project is unique, my services are customized to each client’s needs. You may seek input on your idea for the book, or you may want someone to give you feedback about the content. You may want support through the writing process or, if you have a complete manuscript, you may want someone to edit it. You may be working on a book that will qualify you for academic tenure and promotion. If you are editing an anthology, you may need help in coordinating your authors’ contributions to this large project. Or you may be seeking guidance in identifying appropriate publishers and in securing a publishing contract.

I have done all of these tasks successfully, multiple times. While publishing consultants are often former editors with publishing firms, my approach derives from my experience as an academic writer. As an author and editor of several books, I have worked with co-authors and co-editors, writers and non-writers, academics and artists, activists, students, and community members.

Everyone has their own experiences and concerns, and their own enthusiasm and trepidation, about the publishing process. I can mobilize your creative capacities to get the thing done. No matter your level of experience, I am confident that I can help you realize your goal of writing the book that has been dwelling in your mind. If you feel overwhelmed by the scope of it, or if you have trouble finding the time to work on it, or if you need help to wrap it up, I can help. You might only need a nudge to transform your book from a set of notes in an electronic file to a book you will proudly hold in your hand.


"Are You Calling Me a Racist?"

Queer World Making

The Pause

Erich Fromm and Global Public Sociology

Artists and Their Autobiographies from Today to the Renaissance and Back


Neil McLaughlin, PhD
Neil McLaughlin, PhD

Professor, Department of Sociology

Plum Publishing Development Serves did a first-rate job on my academic book accepted by a major British academic press. I have been publishing academic journal articles for over two decades now but a book had eluded me. Cynthia knows how the proposal and contract process works and helped coach me through all of that. Her editing skills are first-rate and meticulous and she understands enough about academic scholarship to follow what I was trying to do while being experienced enough to edit with a light touch when needed, allowing my voice to come through. This book has been years in the making, but it would never have seen the light of day without Cynthia’s guidance, attention to detail, and practical advice. Whether you are a graduate student trying to finish up and get an academic job, a young scholar seeking tenure or, like me, a seasoned professional looking to take my work to new levels, Plum Publishing Development Services can help. The prices are reasonable, communication is smooth and timely, and most importantly, I love how my manuscript looks. Highly recommended.

Hedina Tahirović-Sijerčić, PhD
Hedina Tahirović-Sijerčić, PhD

Writer/Editor/Independent Scholar

It is a privilege and honor to write a testimonial about Cynthia’s professional work. Her quality and rich writing experience came to the fore in our collaborative work on two co-edited books—A Romani Women’s Anthology: Spectrum of the Blue Water (2017) and Stone to Stone: Writing of Romani women (in review). While working together, mostly online because of our distance, Cynthia wrote the successful proposals and coordinated the production of both books. She was able to ensure that Spectrum, a collection of nineteen authors, was published in less than one year. She assembled the twenty-five authors for Stone and edited these two anthologies of mixed genres including very close editing of my own contributions. As a writer and editor of many books, I am impressed with how Cynthia manages heavy workloads with ease. Compassion and professionalism are her trademarks. Working patiently and constructively with each individual author, her sense of ethics and integrity are irreproachable. Cynthia will win any author’s trust as she did mine. She will work with you until you achieve your goal.

Dr. Andrew Gayed, PhD
Dr. Andrew Gayed, PhD

Assistant Professor, Art History and Visual Culture

Cynthia was immensely helpful in putting together a book proposal and guiding me through the process of academic publishing. Plum Services was there for all my questions and concerns while I was negotiating my book contract, and I have already recommended Cynthia to my colleagues and friends who are likewise publishing their books for the first time. Big thumbs up!

Sarita Srivastava, PhD
Sarita Srivastava, PhD

Dean, Faculty of Arts and Science

Unlike some editors and writing coaches, Cynthia knows the academic writing and publishing process from the perspective of someone who has successfully published her own journal articles and books. She is extremely hard-working, detail-oriented, flexible, a good listener and yet focused on getting the job done. And she always gets the job done!