Taking your book from idea to reality.


Creative ideas are abundant. How can they be corralled? How can you select one or more and develop them into a concept appropriate for a book? By asking questions about your project, I begin by clarifying your vision for your book. Together we map out a way forward, gauging capacity and laying down a process that works for you.

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Book Proposals

A lengthy document, a book proposal follows a successful query. Its structure is prescribed and generally includes a description of the book, a working table of contents, a synopsis of each chapter, a tentative production schedule, its proposed length, a list of competing titles, author/editor biographies, marketing suggestions, and possible reviewers.

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A customized service, I can provide research on the substantive subject matter of the book, its history and context. I can make contact with experts and provide biographies, fact-checking, library research, and original field research. If interviews are required, I ensure that ethics guidelines are followed and appropriate documents for informed consent are used.

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Publishing Agent

Acting as your liaison with prospective publishers, I take your book proposal or completed manuscript to appropriate publishing houses. I follow up with them until one or more offers you a publishing contract. Alternatively, I can recommend publishers with whom you can initiate contact.

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What does a publishing coach do?

Every good book begins with an idea—an exciting story, some incisive knowledge, a promising vision. As a publishing coach, I take your book from conception to completion or to any stage in between. Working with your idea, I help you turn it into a book. I don’t mean a self-published book; I mean a book published by a bona fide book publisher who assumes the cost of production and marketing.

Since every creative project is unique, my services are customized to each client’s needs. You may seek input on your idea for the book, or you may want someone to give you feedback about the content. You may want support through the writing process or, if you have a complete manuscript, you may want someone to edit it. You may be working on a book that will qualify you for academic tenure and promotion. If you are editing an anthology, you may need help in coordinating your authors and their contributions to this large project. Or you may be seeking guidance in identifying appropriate publishers and in securing a publishing contract.

I have done all of these tasks successfully, multiple times. While book coaches are often former editors with publishing firms, my approach derives from my experience as an academic writer. I have authored and edited several books. I have worked with co-authors and co-editors, writers and non-writers, academics and artists, activists, students, and community members.

Everyone has their own insights and concerns, and their own enthusiasm and trepidation, about the publishing process. I can mobilize your creative capacities to get the thing done. No matter your level of experience, I am confident that I can help you realize your goal of writing the book that has been dwelling in the back (or front) of your mind. If you feel overwhelmed by the scope of it, or if you have trouble finding the time to work on it, or if you need help to wrap it up, I can help. You might only need a nudge to transform your book from a set of notes in an electronic file to a book you will proudly hold in your hand.