The Process

Say you’ve got an idea for a book or are part way through preparing a book manuscript. You decide to get some coaching on moving your project along. Once you contact me, what should you expect?

First we talk (preferably face-to-face or over Skype or FaceTime). You describe your book project to me and I will ask you some questions to determine what you need me to do. Would you like me to prepare a proposal for a publisher? Are you ready for me to edit a draft? Do you need help in developing the content of the book or in finding contributors to an anthology? Is your manuscript complete and you want help in finding a publisher? After this dialogue, I will break down the work required and estimate my hours. There is no fee for this initial consultation. If you wish to move forward, I draw up a simple contract listing the services we have agreed on and a fee schedule. After we both sign that document, I start!



Costing reflects the uniqueness of every project and the needs of individual clients. For most projects, I work at a flat rate. This works well for conceptualization, writing a query and book proposal, coordinating manuscript production, literary agent services, research, or any combination of these tasks. For copy-editing and indexing exclusively, I work at an hourly rate.

I reach a flat fee by starting with a charge in the range of $35–$65/hour depending on the nature of the tasks. Then I calculate the time required for the job. I like to keep an eye on cost effectiveness, packaging services wherever possible. We sign a contract outlining the work and my fee. Since every job is customized, every contract is different. One-third of the fee is due upon signing, one-third is due at a mid-way point we agree upon, and the final third is due upon completion of the job.